Stamping Wonderland

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Duration: November 27, 2022 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: 223 West 79th Street suite 2 ,New York, NY 10024
Course fee: $ 250

Stamping wonderland

You’ll learn the secrets of stamping designs in this Christmas themed nail art course. Let’s see what possibilities are in this fun decoration technique! Usually every client wishes for some beautiful design, for some extra sparkle to celebrate in full glory at Christmas. In this season it’s a little difficult to be creative and also super quick to squeeze everyone in the last 2 weeks before the holidays. That’s why in this decoration course I’ll show you many ideas! Each design was planned thoroughly with few steps, following them in your salon work will give your clients more complex, beautiful designs. Parts of the designs can be used individually, or it’s possible to easily mix them up, so in the end you’ll have many great decoration ideas in your pocket! I’ll show you how to work with stamping lacquer and gel, how to use different kind of effect powders and glitters. I’ll teach decoration under the top gel, but also we’ll do some 3d effect designs as well.

What products do you need in this course?
(If you don't have any of these or similar, don't worry we'll provide them during the course.)

- Art gel white (in tube) 
- Royal Gel or Gel polish colors (red, light pink, light blue, navy blue, nude of your choice)
- Ornament Gel white
- Royal Gel R06
- 808 3D gel
-131-color powder
- Crystal Flake or Deluxe Flake in pearly white color
- White pearl mirror powder 
- Pink Aurora mirror powder 
- Aurora mirror powder 
- Crystals in light color
- Mermaid powder 2 or 3 or 5
- Gem glue gel
- Ombre stick
- Soft dust brush
- 0 Short or 0 Mini brush 
- Phantom or Art Design brush
- Decoration needle 
- Spatula
- Tweezers for crystals 
- Mixing palette 
- Stamping plates with ornaments and Christmas design
- Lint remover roller 
- Transparent silicone stamper
- Plastic card 
- Stamping cleaner liquid 
- Stamping lacquer white and red
- Stamping gel white and red
- Cool top gel
- Mattever gel
- Acid free primer
- Cotton pad
- Cleaner pad 

Course schedule: 

9:00 am - course starts, 1. Design

10:15 am - 2. Design

11: 30 am - 3. Design

1:00 pm - Lunch

1:30 pm - 4. Design

2:45 pm - 5. Design

4:00 pm - Practice together, Q&A, Troubleshooting


Course will end approximately between 5pm and 6pm.

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