3 Days Training with Barbara Ujvari

Duration: August 25, 26, 27. 2018 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Location: 223 West 79th Street suite 2 ,New York, NY 10024
Course fee: $750 (Course Only), $1099 (Course + Product Kit)

Product Kit Available individually for $349

Hurry up!! Limited seats available!


1st Day - 08/25/2018 
Nail Studio Mix with Gel

Barbara Újvári from Budapest will teach you delicate gel designs with foil techniques.


  • 3D Gel Design
  • Marble Effects
  • Foil Techniques
  • Art Gel usage in Salon work
  • Fine lines
  • Ombre with Gel
  • Sugar Effects

This course is perfect for beginners and for advanced nail technicians too.

Level : 1-2

Total achievements: 8-10 Painted tips for your portfolio

Products will be used:
Provided only: Royal Gels, Art Gels, Baroque and Royal Cream Gels (samples)

  • Royal Gel 6,96,07,30,59,65,80
  • Art Gels: Green,Red,Black,Orange,Yellow,Magenta
  • Transfer Foil Gel
  • Cool Top Gel, Mattever Top Gel
  • Top Seal Light Gel
  • ChroMe CrystaLac, Rosegold, Gold, Silver
  • Baroque Gel or Royal Cream Gel: Bronze ,Shiny Silver
  • Gem Glue Gel
  • Gel Brush 6, Nero Merlo 0 , Mini 3D, 0 Short Brush

  • Please bring: Brushes and Top Coats, LED Lamp, Table Lamp, Spatula, Buffer, Needle, 

    2nd Day - 08/26/2018
    Lace/ Pasteline 3D Designs for Events

    • Many times we have requested to create something elegant, classy and unique design from customer.
    • Barbara Újvári can teach you the trendiest , latest European delicate designs what would just make you famous in your career.
    • Pasteline / Lace Designs perfect for Events, weddings or for your Sophisticated clientele.
    • In this 8 hours 100% Hands On Training you will create a total of 6-8 tips for your portfolio. 
    Level: 1-3

    Products will be used:
    Provided items: Nude Tip, Clear Acrylic Powder, Cleanser, Small Glass, Royal Gel Samples, Art Gel Samples

    Please Bring: All items what won't be provided from this list

    • Nude Tip ( min 50)
    • Pink Core Buffer, Needle, Scissors
    • Clear Acrylic Powder
    • UV or LED Lamp
    • Spatula
    • Cleanser
    • 2 Small Glass
    • Mermaid Powder
    • Swarovski Small and Large Any Color, Pixie 
    • Lace Gel White and Purple, Black
    • Royal Gel 30,35,59,80,07,8,19
    • Megawhite Gel
    • Art Gel: White, Black, Yellow ,Red, Blue, Green, Neon Colors
    • Cool Top Gel and Mattever Top Gel
    • Gem Glue Gel
    • Nero Merlo 0 Brush 
    • Mini 3D Brush, 0 Short 


    3rd Day - 08/27/2018
    Rose Garden Gel Painting

    • Highly Advanced Gel painting for you if you like very detailed nail art.
    • Barbara will teach you step by step on this 8 hours training how you create fine lines, shadowed nail art on tiny tip.
    • Perfect course to learn mixing gel , create colors, detailed brush and product control.
    • This Rose looks like Real!

    Level: 2-3

    Total achievement: 2 painted Rose tip for your portfolio

    Products will be used:
    Provided items: Nude Tip, Royal and Art Gel samples, 

    Please bring: All items what won't be provided

    • Nude Oval Tip
    • Pink Core Buffer
    • Spatula, Needle 
    • LED or UV lamp
    • Cool Top Gel
    • Mattever Top Gel
    • Art Gel: Black, white, blue, Red, Yellow,
    • Royal Gel: 6,7,59
    • Nero Merlo 0
    • 0 Short
    • One Move 1,2,3,4 Brushes

    If you would like to buy the Large Products KIT for this training now available for ONLY $349 . 

    Royal Gel 6, 7, 30, 80
    Art Gel: Red, Yellow, white, black, orange Foil Gel Mattever Crystalac
    Top Seal Light, Top Coat, Cool Gel 0.17fl oz, Xtreme White 0.17fl oz
    Chrome CrystaLac: Gold , Silver
    Royal Cream: Silver , Rose, Gold
    Gem Glue, Nero Merlo 0 Brush, Gel Brush #6, Mini 3D Brush, 0 short, 0 long
    1 Box Nude Tip
    White Sanding Buffer
    Megawhite Gel
    Mini Zhostovo Brush
    One Move 1-4 Brushes
    Mermaid powder
    Lace Gel White
    Acrylic Clear Powder

     *Courses are NON Refundable!